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Physician contract review

What We Do

We review, negotiate, and discuss physician contracts in all 50 states. Our contract attorneys have both drafted and written physician contracts for hospitals, and private practice employers, and reviewed contracts for all different types of physicians.

Get an experienced attorney who knows and understands all about your goals, wishes, and fears. Our lead attorney Mrs. Dike started this business because she lives and breathes advocating for physicians. Mrs. Dike is the wife of a neurologist who has worked in private practice and for hospital groups. She is also the sister of two doctors, an anesthesiologist, and GI- pediatrician, ( TX AND IL).

When she isn’t handling client matters, she is constantly listening and learning from her family members the ins and out of employment at physician practice groups and hospitals.

physician contract review


We make the contract review process simple. Getting a new offer reviewed is one of the most important steps you can take in your career. Get a quick and easy written review or speak with one of our experts who can negotiate on your behalf.


Not every physician contract goes to term.New job opportunities arise that are a better fit, leaving a decision up to the physician if they should break their current contract or stay to the term – Resolve is here to help.


Even well-written physician employment contracts present opportunities for alterations.Between health system changes, amendments to governing laws, and a physician’s age and life stage, there are plenty reasons to have a second look before your contract renews.

You Deserve more than experience. You deserve someone who gets and Understands you.


Basic Plan

Review agreement with notes that explain the terms and pieces of the agreement sent to you within 48hr from booking no attorney contact


Popular Plan

Review and speak with an attorney through notes and comments. 1 review of the agreement. 1 call with the attorney.



1 call with the attorney plus reviewing the contract twice(with comments).



Attorney Reviewing the contract with the opposing side going back and forth with their attorney or owners

Our physician contract review process works in 3 very easy steps:

Passionate about solving problems through creative communications.

physician contract review


You select and pay for the package you want.


Send us your physician agreement at:


Receive your review notes on your agreement within 48-72 hours of sending us your contract.

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