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Infusion Therapy Business Start-Up (IV Therapy)

How To Start Infusion Therapy Business

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IV infusion businesses have been popping up all over the country and throughout Texas. It’s a great and lucrative business to get into but a business that is fraught with many regulatory hurdles and challenges. Many consumers seek these businesses for dehydration, alternative medicine care, and even for cosmetic reasons. Others use infusions to treat more serious illness and diseases such cancer.


When starting an infusion business there are a few issues you need to consider before starting. First, who will own the clinical business? An infusion business is considered a medical practice in Texas. It’s important to know, the corporate practice of medicine is alive and well in Texas. That doesn’t mean RN’s, NP’s, PAs’ and other non-clinicians can’t have these businesses too. In fact, many do! These business will be structured using legal contracts between a licensed physician and the non-physician. This contract is a Medical Service Agreement. The agreement will bind the parties and allow any non-physician to participate in an infusion business.

Other important considerations for Infusion businesses

Many Texas IV infusion companies have had serious issues with the FTC. Companies must consider how they advertise their services in order to prevent liability with regulators.

Additionally, all infusions companies must comply with the Texas Medical Board, Texas State Licensing Board, state and federal privacy laws. Moreover, all IV therapy companies will have to comply with state and federal kick-back laws, and fee splitting laws.

While it may seem like a simple business just to enter into, it needs guidance from experienced counsel to ensure that you do it right!.

Have more questions regarding opening your IV Infusion business? Please reach out to one of our esteemed attorneys at Dike Law Group to arrange an intake discussion. This will provide an opportunity to have your inquiries addressed and your specific needs carefully assessed. You can initiate this process at

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