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can a non physician own a medical practice

 Can a Non-Physician Own a Medical Practice?

The question of whether a non-physician can own a medical practice is a complex one that depends on various factors. These factors include the state laws, the type of medical practice, and the specific roles of the individuals involved.

Can a Non-Physician Own a Medical Practice?

In general, non-physicians such as business people or investors can legally own medical practices. However, they are restricted from making medical decisions or practicing medicine. This is because medical practice ownership is subject to state laws. This often requires medical professionals to own and operate medical practices.

In some states, non-physicians can own medical practices through a legal structure called a Management Services Organization (MSO). This allows them to provide administrative and management services to the medical practice. This structure allows non-physician owners to participate in the business aspects of running the practice. They cannot make medical decisions or provide medical services.

Can a Non-Physician Own a Medical Practice In Other States?

In other states, non-physicians can own medical practices through a legal structure called a Physician Practice Management Company (PPMC). This allows them to own and operate medical practices, but only in partnership with licensed medical professionals. In this structure, the non-physician owner can provide administrative and management services, while the licensed medical professional provides medical services.

It’s worth noting that state laws restrict non-physician ownership of medical practices to protect the public. These laws ensure that licensed medical professionals, who are qualified to provide medical services, make medical decisions. Non-physician owners can provide valuable business and administrative support to medical practices, but they cannot replace the essential role of licensed medical professionals in providing medical care.


In conclusion, a non-physician can own a medical practice in some states through legal structures such as MSOs or PPMCs, but it is subject to strict regulations and restrictions. The involvement of licensed medical professionals is essential for the delivery of safe and effective medical care. At Dike Law Group, we boast a team of experienced attorneys who have successfully assisted numerous non-physician entrepreneurs in launching their own medical practices. Schedule an appointment with us through to discuss how our legal services can be of assistance to you.

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