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Five Tips for Telemedicine Success

Telemedicine has become a means for patients to overcome numerous barriers to healthcare access. But challenges still exist, including technology, insurance coverage, comfort level, and regulatory compliance.

In this blog, we explain why telemedicine is so important in the post-pandemic world, offer advice for providers who may be considering incorporating telemedicine into their practice, and give five tips on how to be successful.

Importance of Telemedicine

Telemedicine addresses various healthcare accessibility challenges. Rural residents, comprising 86% of the U.S., benefit from remote care. It aids in accessing specialists, overcoming language barriers, assisting the elderly, and catering to disabled individuals. Telemedicine eliminates age-related mobility challenges, ensuring equitable healthcare access. Additionally, it addresses social issues such as racial disparities, women’s health, and stigma, enabling discreet consultations from the comfort of one’s home. By providing a virtual connection to healthcare professionals, telemedicine effectively mitigates disparities, offering convenient and inclusive healthcare solutions.

Venturing Into Telemedicine?

For those venturing into telemedicine, especially new providers unfamiliar with the COVID landscape, patient communication is key. It’s crucial to listen and understand patient preferences—some may prefer in-person visits, while others favor the convenience of video consultations. Telemedicine isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Stay adaptive, tailor your approach to patient needs, and enhance their experience. By accommodating preferences, you’ll likely reduce no-shows, improve patient satisfaction, and deliver a more personalized healthcare experience. Engage in open conversations with your patients, discern their preferences, and align your services accordingly. Reflecting on pre-COVID challenges and the recent adaptations during the pandemic can provide valuable insights for telemedicine practitioners.

5 Success Factors

As we started to look into what caused certain people to be successful or not to be successful, we found that there were five main areas that a provider had to do to be successful with telemedicine.

  1. Provider:
    • The provider has to be successful with it. That includes that it has to fit into their workflows, it has to be easy to use for them, it can’t cause burnout.
  1. Patients:
    • The patient has to be successful — so the patient has to want to do it. They have to desire to do it, it has to increase access like we mentioned earlier, and it has to be a good experience for the patient.
  2. Technology:
    • Technology has to work and work well. Oftentimes, providers sign up and do telemedicine, but they get the wrong technology for their use and it isn’t a good experience.
  1. Financially Successful:
    • Providers aren’t going to do this for free and they’re not going to lose money on it either. But there are certainly ways that providers can be financially successful with telemedicine, you just have to know how to do that.
  1. Compliance:
    • You must be successful with the compliance, the laws, the regulations, and the rules out there. If not, there can be devastating consequences.
    • Compliance is essential for meeting legal obligations, maintaining ethical standards, and ensuring secure communication, building a foundation of trust and reliability in virtual healthcare.


Achieving success in telemedicine requires a comprehensive strategy. Working alongside a skilled healthcare attorney is crucial for navigating regulations, ensuring compliance, and guarding against legal risks. Their expertise is a valuable asset, contributing to overall success and sustainability. Joining forces with a legal expert isn’t just proactive; it’s an essential investment in establishing a strong and legally sound telehealth foundation.

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