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*In the News* Death at North Texas Med Spa Sparks Push for New Legislation

Jenifer Cleveland’s tragic death at a Wortham, Texas medical spa spurred TX 400, a nonprofit of Texas physicians, championing patient safety in her memory.

Dr. Mary Kelly Green, TX 400 co-founder, cautions against the growing overlap of licensed physicians and non-physicians in medical procedures. This concern is far-reaching and, in certain instances, can be a matter of life and death.

Moreover, the story of Jenifer Cleveland, a beloved mother, wife, and friend from Fairfield, Texas, epitomizes the importance of transparency. Jenifer’s tragic death resulted from unlicensed IV treatment at Wortham’s Luxe Med Spa, administered by owner Amber Johnson.

Dr. Green strongly opposes individuals like Johnson, without nursing, medical, or physician assistant licenses, engaging in medical practices. This has triggered the “Jenifer’s Law” initiative, stressing heightened supervision, patient clarity, and the liability of licensed medical personnel. Dr. Green, supported by a state senator’s office and Jenifer Cleveland’s widower, spearheads the drive to enact “Jenifer’s Law.”

These efforts aim to honor Jenifer Cleveland’s memory by preventing the misuse of medical licenses for potential harm. Dr. Green emphasized that Texas must send a clear message that it will not tolerate such practices any longer.

Dr. Green noted that the Texas Medical Board strongly warns physicians about the rise of pseudo-medical facilities providing IV ketamine and infusions. This warning signifies a promising step in the right direction to address these concerns.

This comes after the Texas Medical Board temporarily suspended the medical license of Frisco’s Michael Patrick Gallagher, Luxe Med Spa’s medical director. However, the Board found Gallagher permitted Johnson to dispense prescription drugs to Jenifer Cleveland without a valid physician-patient connection. Consequently, Gallagher’s actions jeopardized public health and safety, prompting the Board to suspend his medical license for the greater good.

Despite these actions, however, the autopsy and toxicology reports related to Jenifer Cleveland’s passing await investigation by Wortham Police. The “Jenifer’s Law” advocacy reflects a pivotal move, raising awareness to protect patient safety and prevent similar tragic incidents.

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