Partnership Agreement Review

Partnership Agreement is when you want to start a business with partner and it’s crucial to be on the same page right from the start. You’ll want to understand how the business will operate and how you’ll divide the money you earn. That’s where a special legal document called a partnership agreement comes in.

What is a partnership agreement?

It’s like a formal agreement that explains how a small business with two or more people will run.

In this agreement, it states what each partner’s role in the business will be, how much of the business they own, and how they’ll share the money they make. In addition, it lays out the rules for managing the business and addresses important scenarios, such as what will happen if a partner passes away.

The main purpose of a partnership agreement is to write down all the answers to common questions that might come up in the business. By doing this, you and your partner(s) can avoid problems or disagreements later on. Having a partnership agreement is like having a special guidebook for your business. It helps make sure that everyone knows what to expect, and it makes it easier for all of us to work together.

Importance of Partnership agreement:

Having a partnership agreement is important when you start a business with partners. If you don’t have one, your partnership will be governed by the state’s laws, which might not be what you want. For example, if one partner decides to leave, as a result, you might have to dissolve the partnership and start all over again.

With a partnership agreement, you and your partners can set clear rules for how the business will work. You’ll decide who does what, how you’ll fund the business, and how you’ll share the money you make. This way, everyone knows what to expect, and there will be fewer disagreements in the future.

Partnership Vs. Corporation:

There are two main types of businesses, partnerships, and corporations. In a partnership, all partners are responsible for the business’s debts. It’s like a pass-through business for taxes, meaning the partners report the profits and losses on their personal tax returns.

On the other hand, a corporation is a separate legal entity, meaning the owners are not responsible for the company’s debts. Moreover, corporations have different tax rules than partnerships.

What should a partnership agreement include?

In your partnership agreement, you should have some simple stuff about the business, like its name and what it does. But besides that, it’s also important to include other important details. In our partnership agreement, we should include important details like how we’ll make decisions together, how much of the business each of us owns, and what will happen if someone wants to leave the partnership or if something unexpected happens. This way, we’ll have clear rules for running our business and handling different situations. It’s like a plan for the business to handle these important situations.


When you have a partnership agreement, it helps you plan for the future, and it also helps avoid conflicts later on. It’s like having a road map for your business that guides you through the journey. At Dike Law Group, we have experienced attorney’s that can assist you in a very step of the way. Schedule a meeting at

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