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Attorney for Nurses

It’s becoming increasingly common for nurses to step away from their traditional nursing careers and start their own businesses. From wellness coaching to home health agencies, legal nurse consulting to staffing agencies, nurses are exploring a wide range of entrepreneurial ventures. If you’re looking for more freedom, flexibility, and the ability to give yourself a well-deserved raise, starting your own business may be an appealing option. However, many nurses lack experience running a business and may worry about avoiding common pitfalls. Whether you’re just considering starting a business or have already taken the plunge, I can share the lessons I’ve learned from over 20 years of successful entrepreneurship.

At Dike Law Group, we help nursing practices and individual nurses who have built or plan to build their own Professional Corporation. Our areas of expertise include IV Hydration Therapy Business Formation or Start-up, IV Hydration Therapy Business Regulatory Compliance, Employment Legislation, Contract Drafting and Review, Fee-Splitting, Management Services Organization or MSO, Practice Restrictions, HIPAA, Dispute Resolution, and Mitigation. As a nurse, your duties involve providing basic health care to those who are experiencing difficulties living their normal life due to health problems, illness, or medical treatment. This includes direct and indirect care to ensure safety, comfort, hygiene, and protection, administering necessary medications, skin testing, immunization techniques, blood draw or venipuncture.

Nursing ethics revolve around seven key principles, including Justice (fairness), Beneficence (ensuring care benefits the patient), Non-maleficence (avoiding harm), Accountability (taking responsibility for actions), Fidelity (being true to professional promises and responsibilities), Autonomy (allowing patients to make their own decisions), and Veracity (being truthful with patients even if it causes distress).

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